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About to comment a similar thing. If he was "trafficking" women and children 20 years ago, that would put him smack-dab in the middle of the anti-separatist crackdowns in Tibet following Tienanmen Square. It is is possible that he was smuggling the wives and children of separatists leaders out of China and to safety in neighboring countries.

It is equally possible that he was selling women and children into slavery.

The business of "Moving people across borders without notice by one or more governments" is one of those businesses that can be extremely moral or immoral, but very rarely be anywhere in the middle. And even then, which extreme of morality it is can vary wildly based on who you ask, but again, you are either a savior or a piece of scum. And given China's spotty record, he could be either.

And like the OP, I hold the US to same scrutiny, and any other nation that has had difficulty following even their own rules surrounding the carriage of justice.

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