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Not just an English thing

Here in North America we used to refer to folks of Iberian heritage as latinos / latinas, in keeping with heavily gendered Castilian language. Now the correct term is latinX, which flows off the tongue about as well as you'd expect, in either English or Spanish.

"Ms." made sense, given the lack of a male Mrs. / Miss distinction.

If for some reason you'd like to hide your gender (either the one "assigned" you at birth, or the one you think you are at the moment) behind some non-binary pronoun and rid the language of he/she, him/her, ma'm/sir, while I personally would mourn the loss of precision, go for it! Hopefully your neologism will be more aesthetically pleasing than "latinX".

My $0.02.

AC so I don't catch hell from my SJW daught, er, uh, afterbear.

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