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In 21st-century tech dystopia, smart TV watches you, warns Princeton privacy prof


"If you want to watch what you want ...TV has to be connected."

Baloney. I watch what I want -- movies, mostly -- when I want to. Which is not all that often, mind you. I use a simple DVD player, simple netbook running Mint, a small library on a portable hard drive. No smarty-pants TV.

I had the unfortunate experience of seeing unfiltered TV in a motel room while on a trip with a friend. What a mass of foul garbage. The "drama" appeared to be an attempt at psychic and emotional emasculation. The ads were worse -- stupid, stultifying, numbing. I finally put in earplugs, ignored the TV, and propped my laptop on the bed.

I choose what I watch, not some sniggering perv of a program planner. But the audio-visual diarrhea excreted by those sniggering pervs may be what is considered "entertainment" in 2020, I don't know.

Whatever. I watch what I want.

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