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Sorry guys, there are only two genders..

Based on an exceptionally large sample of personal experience over four decades in SF ( I really have seen literally absolutely everything..) there are only two genders. Male and female. Pretty much everyone else has some mental illness of one form or other. Always seems to be part of some broad spectrum disorder,

There are the occasional biological hermaphrodites, one in several thousand, who tend to be pretty stable and normal otherwise. But all the rest. To a lesser or greater degree, nutcases. And in the case of pre and post op trannies, an exceptionally high occurrence of NPD's and ASPDs. Its the height of cruelty to pander to the delusions of paranoid schizophrenics and I see little difference with the people who claim to be other "genders". They need treatment not validation of these delusions. These people have very high suicide rates and rates of institutionalization. They should be given the compassion and treatment they need. Not some politically motivated social fad about language that fuels these poor peoples mental illness. I have noticed that the faddists are the usual suspects. Affluent middle class twits who grew up in the suburbs know zero of real life and despite their credetialization have at best only average intelligence. Most tend to be pretty dim.

T.V's on the other hand are pretty normal apart from those who tend to NPD bitchiness. Usually done with a stiletto welding humor. My only complaint is that T.V dress standards have declined over the decades. Back in the 1980's and 1990's some of the best dressed and most elegant people wearing women's clothes in the City were T.V's. In fact if you saw someone in womens clothes who looked particularly elegant more often than not they were T.V. And they took the well deserved compliment on their look with a real graciousness. I think its been almost a decade since I've seen a really well turned out T.V. Although there was someone on upper Polk a few weeks ago who almost caught the elegance of the good old days.

Bloody Millennials, they've ruined everything, Even T.V's once impeccable dress sense..

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