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No, you have no clue.

Your total misrepresentation of my ability is due to your total miscomprehension of my post.

If someone explicitly wants access to a device they own, they should not be denied "because..eeer.. hackers"

What if the glove compartment to your car was welded shut to protect against thieves?

As someone who has actually been professionally employed in security for over 25 years, if I buy a device, it's damn well up to me what I do with it, and the OS manufacturer has no right trying to restrict my legitimate access.

Your explaination on what someone can do to a computer is laughably quaint and simplistic, by the way. I don't know where to start on *your* lack of understanding, or maybe you were just trying to be patronising?

Anon. for completely different reasons than you suggest. Still, your analogy would only hold true if I was forced to be aonymous, "for security", and had no personal choice in the matter.

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