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Chinese sleazeball's 17-year game of hide-and-seek ends after drone finds him on mountain

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I cant understand the mentality...

OK without knowing his actual sentence (maybe it was a life sentence, or maybe it was "only" 10 years), but he's effectively sentenced himself to 17 years of self imposed jail under far more stringent conditions than in the prison camp. 2m² cave, no electricity, no heating, no running water, cast off's for everything, and living in constant fear of being caught again. Prison will probably feel like a vactaion resort after that!

Now assuming, he didnt actually have a sentence that was life without parole, then he's basically added 17 years of jail to his previous sentence plus whatever they add on for escaping the first place. Probably would have been out by now already, but he wont be for along, long time now...

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