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Re: Is this just an English thing ?

Actually, a 'they' instead of an 'it' works too...

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. 'They' seems fine in most cases, and referring to someone as 'it' is rather impersonal. But then being too personal may be triggering, and some people may prefer to be an 'it'.

That's what they were saying in the first place, that they would prefer to write in a style that does not require gender complexity, but is neutral. Which is a fair enough assumption.

Agreed, and I.. neutralised your comment to demonstrate the simplicity. But it also neutralised the object, ie 'Monica', and an assumption that their preferred gender pronoun is 'she'.

Apparently some other mod disagreed and called her a transphobe. How that works out to transphobia I don't know...

Cultural sensitivity I guess. For me the issue would seem to be knowing the preferred pronoun in the first place, so I think using a neutral expression is the safest option. If someone says they identify as 's/he', but then gets referred to as 'they', especially if they're a transperson could be seen as transphobic. For a mod on teh Interwebz, I guess it's especially confusing, ie just looking at us commentors here, it's a gamble whether we're he, she or it. But then if we're just looking at the content of the comments, the creator's gender really doesn't matter.

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