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Brighton perv cops community service for 'hacking' women's Facebook accounts

Khaptain Silver badge

"He is now the subject of a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) for the next five years and must attend the Horizon sex offenders' rehab programme."

Hacking, or script kiddy password retireval, definately... he was bloody stupid to do what he did, but to be put on a sex offenders list for this crap....that's a bit much. I don't understand, which sexual offence did he commit ? If anything, he is a thief...

And why the fuck do people store naked photos of themselves on Facebook....Storing on you own phone is already bad enough but storing on a damned public server......if it's on Facebook you have to consider that is public.

The system apprears to want to make an example of this guy but I think it is a little bit overboard, except for the hacking part.


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