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Lots of logistical issues there. Your issues:

1. Construction of a satellite to withstand the conditions of orbit.

2. Having sufficient power supply, almost certainly from solar, to run the equipment.

3. Provision of sufficient processing, memory, and storage given the constraints of power supply and physical space.

4. Actually getting a launch.

5. The insurance if your rocket blows up.

6. The insurance if your satellite fails once in orbit.

7. Methods for controlling the satellite's orbital path so it won't hit or be hit by another one and people to monitor and use those methods.

8. A plan for what you'll do when the satellite decays out of orbit. Depending on how you've put this up, this might take a while before you care.

9. The method of communication with the satellite, as you won't be granted a monopoly over any frequency and disruption from other comms systems is likely a risk.

10. The method of connecting users to the satellite. Either they'll have to have similar hardware that you use, or you'll still have to downlink to the ground and use the facilities of ISPs, in which case have you really gained anything.

11. The potential that your project won't be seen kindly by your nation of residence, either because they don't like what you've put on the server, they don't like that your satellite is messing up other people's comms, or similar.

12. The potential that your business won't be seen kindly by your nation of residence, which can block your actions just fine while you are operating things from the ground.

13. The potential that either of the above won't be seen kindly by a nation in which you are not a resident but which does have an extradition treaty with your nation of residence. Since your satellite probably provides service throughout most of the world, they can argue that they have standing to prosecute you.

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