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600 armed German cops storm Cyberbunker hosting biz on illegal darknet market claims


This implies the ISP outfit actually had the proper security procedures in place to be able to at least contain the police for a bit. And the onsite security were actually worth something.

I used to regularly go to an unnamed datacentre near London. For non-ex-army environment the place was really tough to get into.

You need to get through a full-sized steel turnstile controlled by the security booth, then enter the security boot through steel door, mini-turnstile, another steel door. This only gets you into the courtyard, not the actual building. There are still something like 3-4 locked doors until you can reach equipment. And oh, another full-sized turnstile for every data area, transparent walls but still.

Vehicles were only allowed in if they were pre-registered, twin gates, metre high retractable bollards between the gates, likely able to flip over a lorry.

The security are ex-Gurkha. Look small and puny, but I suspect they can carry me for 1/2 mile, and I'm well over 6'. I would certainly will not spill their pint, or if I do will ask with my sweetest voice if they wanted replacement.

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