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I have found that Screwfix are actually one of the worst offenders for trying to get your email address out of you, one branch in particular. Every time I shop in any branch of Screwfix they always ask for my email address, but this one branch is notorious, and unfortunately the closest one to my work. Once time I went in to buy a back of nuts and bolts, worth about £3.50 for which I was paying for in actual beer tokens, and the first thing the assistant asked me for was my email address. The very first thing, before I had even told them what i wanted. When I politely declined to reveal my email address, he looked at me as though I had two heads, and insisted that he needed my email address, or, and I quote, "my receipt would not be valid". Seriously.

Now, I don't know who told him to state such utter, bare-faced crap, but I suspect that it was his manager, who in turn is under pressure from his bosses to slurp up as many email addresses as possible; maybe his annual bonus is based on such metrics. In subsequent visits to the same branch, I have not been told the same porkies, but I have seen that in order to buy anything without giving your email, the manager has to be called over to enter his super-secret access code to allow the till to process it.

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