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That wouldn't have happened in Jamaica. Regular patrol cops would be two to a vehicle, each with a 9-mm semi-auto pistol of some type (there are a variety in service, ranging from Browning Hi-Powers to SIGs and S&Ws) and there'd be a rifle in the cop car, usually a variety of AR-15. Specialised cops, such as flying squad, crime eradication squad, and the like usually travel four to a car, each with two semi-auto pistols and either a submachine gun (Uzi or Colt Commando, the SMG version of the AR-15, usually; some unlucky blokes are still stuck with Sterlings) or a rifle, again usually an AR-15, each. Standard operational procedure for the special cops has been since the early 1970s to empty one weapons' mag at the target, get out another weapon, empty that mag, repeat until out of weapons, reload, start again. Claudius Massop, for example, was shot 42 times 'resisting arrest'. If the Mobile Reserve rolls on the incident, then there'll be cops with Barret 0.50 rifles and GPMGs. If necessary they'll call for support from the army, and one or more armoured car with a 0.50 MG or a 40-mm grenade launcher will show up. On one spectacular case an Army helicopter showed, was shot at by the bad guys, went back to base and got a few machine guns and came back and did some close air support. (No, I'm not making that up. It happened about 15 years ago in Rose Hall, just outside of Montego Bay. A joint police-army force in company strength ran into problems and solved them with an air strike...) Police in Jamaica get away with things that American cops can only dream of.

See for more. The pic at the top is of Mobile Reserve policemen carrying AR-15s.

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