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It doth seem to me that quantum computing is effectively gender-fluid computing, 0's are 1's and 1's are 0's simultaneously. So as above so is below. The harbinger of an AI that will consume humanity.

Such is one path humanity may take here at the threshold to wit is 2019. Democracy, as Mr. Madison warned only matters when it is the policy the elite through Manufactured Consent desire, so as we see with Brexit, and Trump. However, it is just a theory, thus is the burden of the apple, the knowledge of good and evil.

However, perhaps there remain a remnant, those who favor the dignity of the λόγος over the collective, i.e. the "Hive Mind" of the vaunted 'singularity.' Those adherents who are true winter soldiers in the Glorious Cause of Liberty too present a path laid out before us as a choice.

The time to choose draws near.

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