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iPhones and Androids

I have an old jailbroken iPhone that I installed SSH, Nmap and Metasploit on that is great fun at partys and coffee shops.

(J/K, I use it for demonstrations only)

I can see this exploit payload installed on a modified flash drive or even modified USB charging cable.

At least iPhones get regular security updates unlike the majority of Android phones that are out there that have all kinds of cruft added by the manufacturer, data provider or anyone else in line before the victim purchases the device.

On the other hand, I also have an older 2014 Motorola that has security patches from September 5th 2019 from Lineage OS.

The battery in this liitle beauty lasts for over 4 days without a charge.

(It's amazing how long a battery can last when the device isn't sending all your data out every 2 seconds)

"using Apple's A12 system-on-chip" I think I see the problem here.

Is this similar to Intel's Management Engine?

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