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Well, a close approximation of that does exist.

It generally costs at least 5 times more, though. It's called business or first class. You still have some rights up there, instead of "you get what you paid for" in cattle, you ... OK, you "pay and at least get something".

Generally also far lower likelihood of having any persons younger than 12. The business (wo)men tend to quietly keep to themselves. The odd honeymooners shelling out on their frequent flyer miles and too busy with each other.

No risk of DVT. Flight attendants whose smiles *do* occasionally touch their eyes instead of being plastered on. The, you get those nice little bags with earplugs in them, for when you forgot your own or left them in the check-in bags.

Having to fly very long distance at the least every 2, but more like every year, I can fortunately save up and spend a long time shopping for the right deal. It's amazing what you can dig up in the byzantine airline pricing schemes.

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