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I am with the company that apparently are "they who shall not be named" correctly, and have not had much difficulty - but the best tech support I ever got from them was one evening when I, after having received two bum modems in a row from them (being in the computer repair and networking industry I can sort of identify when a modem is bad) and then get told by the local office that I would have to pay for a tech to come out because there was obviously something wrong with the cables inside the house, I called their tech support line. It just so happened that they had a US call center in a college town that had a bunch of techie types working their way through school, and after conversing with me for about 30 seconds, he said "ok, let me read the mandatory "20 questions" list really fast, then I will issue a replacement ticket.

Now, of course, I own my hardware, but for several years I told my customers that if they needed to call "they who shall not be named" correctly, they should call in the evening.

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