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As Crowdstrike had claimed that it was the use of the same coding in the DNC hack as in the preceding (non-existent) Ukraine artillery hack, that proved Russia hacked the DNC, this is pretty significant. Trump was questioning Zelensky about rumours the “hacked” DNC server was hidden in the Ukraine by Crowdstrike. The media has no interest in reporting any of that at all."

Curiouser and curiouser. As was obstructing the FBI's investigation into the alleged hack. But Hilary's been on TV talking about this scandal. Not her dubious IT security practices and mishandling of classified documents. There is presumably some reason why Trump/the US thinks the DNC's server might be in Ukraine, but I can't quite think of any good explanation for why it might be there.

I get the feeling the Donkey party are going to regret opening this can of worms. And then of course there's still Uranium-1...

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