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"I can sense the electric from transmission cables, but I think that is simply due to 1/4 million volts."

Yup, I think that's got to do with your body hair being affected (electrostatic force) which the force-sensitive nerve cells in your skin can detect, at least in some people. A car would shield you from the electrostatic field.

Now the following may make me sound like a weirdo: when I got my first GSM phone around two decades ago (Motorola Startac) I always got a strange burning feeling at the top of my skull when I made a call - I don't think that's something I imagined as I'm not at all afraid of technology. Got another phone and that didn't happen. Got a Palm Treo (basically a smartphone before that term had been invented) and it happened again, though to a lesser extent. Never had the problem with the Nokia and Samsungs I've had since. Anybody got any idea what might have caused that????? (If I had imagined it, it would not have gone away when I switched phones.)

Here's one for the weekend.

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