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The Ultimate Callout

So I run a small wireless ISP here in Ireland. One Monday morning got a callout from an important customer who actually was a family run property management company. When you are in this game property managers are the people to keep on-side. Luckily I live less then 200 metres from the office in question so not even a long drive to their office.

When I got there all the indoor equipment - PoE injector, switch, power supply, router was gone from the small comms cab which lived on the floor in the corner of the office. I Just burst out laughing when I found out that there was a new office in the centre of town and over the weekend the sons had taken all their stuff there including the broadband kit for the building which was in their office just leaving naked cat5 ends floating around that cabinet. The father had a different office in the same unit and was one of the most techno-phobic people you could meet so not really a surprise he didn't know what happened!!

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