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Re: "there was an error message and I clicked on it, what was it?"?

The ones who contact me have realized that the text of the error message needs to be available to me, so they won't clear it (actually they usually clear it after writing down what it said, which isn't so useful when there are two or more options and they chose the wrong one). However, they haven't figured out that all of the text could be pretty important. On the phone, they've read error messages like this: "An error has occurred retrieving mail from the mail server. The error message was some numbers mailserver port something-or-other error blah blah. Please restart the mail client and try retrieving your mail again, or try reentering your account information."* And they will cheerfully loop trying to reenter their mail account information until it is pointed out that GMail probably didn't spontaneously change their password and maybe this has something to do with the network having gone offline.

*Although they typically choose to censor the useful information of an error message with weird gaps of silence instead of filler words, I have put in the filler words here for the effect.

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