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> I never knew it was called Reiki, but I have been able to feel other people's headaches and move them from when I was about 12, but sensibly never really mentioned it to anyone after the first attempt to explain it was, umm, not really resulting in anything positive.

I generally try to listen to things like this with an open mind - after all, there's an entire universe of possibilities out there and we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to understanding them.

(Though without wanting to sound negative, as a species, we've spent a lot of time studying the universe we live in, and where we've found things which are reproducible and measurable, we've studied them and added them to our scientific knowledge base. Which tends to suggest that at least some of what remains is either explainable via our existing knowledge base, or is purely a psychological effect...)

Anyhow, best of luck if you ever do decide to look further into the things you've encountered!

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