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> I think that Simon needs to be sent for emergency Reiki treatment followed by a course of homeopathic carpets and quicklime - in order to clear his negativity

I know someone who swears by Reiki - they use it on pretty much everything, from humans to animals, plants and even glasses of water. And they claim to be able to detect physical issues through it, as well as being able to tell when someone is remotely sending healing to them.

Oddly, they always go into a bit of a "you're a muggle, you don't understand" huff whenever I question the workings of this process or ask if there's been any proper double-blind testing of these telempathic properties. Or when I mention that there's still a million-dollar prize courtesy of the Randi foundation for any proof of extra-sensory phenomena such as this.

I don't talk to them much, these days.

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