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Nick London

I've had my share.

Not long after we were wed my wife's firm, a major US defence contractor, decided their London office needed a PC so they spent £5,000 on an original IBM PC with twin floppies ( an optional extra), monochrome monitor, a Brother Twinwriter, a modem possibly 300 Baud and the software.

It took a while for BT to install the data line but they did, and She Who Must Be obeyed came under pressure to hook her computer up to use their in house e-mail running on a 1950's redundant IBM mainframe that only understood capital letters.

By the way I am a structural engineer. Concrete steel bricks etc.

Any way the day came and I got the phone call "I cant connect to the leased line" so I asked have you connected all the cables?

Phone socket to modem - yes

Mains to modem -yes

Modem to PC - What cable there isn't one. Why would I need one?

Phone call to supplier "oops we forgot that £40 for parallel cable."

My wife hit the roof and they agreed to supply one in place of some accessory to the Twinwriter ( I think the sheet splitter) that was still on back order.

The funny thing is she only called me after her boss a qualified electronics engineer flogging missiles and radars failed to diagnose the problem.

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