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My old Divvie was easier to ride than my brother's first post-test bike - Yamaha TZR250. Lovely wee machine, but needs its neck wrung! At least the XJ had nice wide, flat bars and huge mirrors!

CBR600 is a bike I've never had. I looked at them, but went another direction. I believe the F models were always pretty forgiving, though. A lot of poke for a new rider, and lots of plastic to break, but a great bike nonetheless. Shame it got nicked - that's sickening.

My daily driver these days is a '97 Blackbird (which some scrote tried to nick a couple of years ago). That's a hell of a machine, even today. They were just out when I passed my test, and some people were buying them directly off the back of 5-day intensive courses with their test on the Friday. I dread to think of how many people got hurt doing that sort of thing. (The place I got my Divvie were saying the same thing was happening there but with the ThunderAce.)

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