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Steve Kerr

Dinner charge

I will occasionally do a friends & family fix but only for a minimum cost of dinner.

Fortunately, the ones I've dealt with have mostly been to do with helping settings things up.

Though had one friend who I gave an old Mac mini too

Friend: i think the hard drive has died

Me: Why, what were you doing?

Friend: nothing

Me: are you sure?

Friend: no, thing

I find that the OS is corrupt and nothing is wrong with the disk.

He phoned one of my other IT friends and spoke to him about it to as obviously I don't know anything, he admitted to him that it was applying patches and he couldn't be bothered waiting so pulled the plug out to turn it off. My other IT friend told me the truth

So he lied to me and even when confronted lied until I told him I knew what happened.

Would only help him if he gave me the full story without missing anything out verbatim before I would touch anything of his again.

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