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and People aren't that stupid

I'm sorry to have to tell you but they are that stupid. One of my daughters friends was up to her neck in debt. Said daughter (who teaches Maths) looked at her friends finances.

Her monthly fixed outgoings were £24.00 less than her income for the month. Seventeen subscriptions to all sorts of things took as much as her mortgage.

Over the course of one evening they cancelled almost all of them. The friend is still in debt but there is light at the end of the tunnel for her. By next March she will be solvent again.

Those "Only £9.99 a month" adverts that seem to be everywhere these days will drive a lot of people into the same situation as my daughters friend.

Yes, people are stupid and advertisers know it and target the most vunerable.

do I need to say anything other than


and over 1000% interest rates

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