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Right cable, wrong hole.

I get a request to clean up a computer & make it work, which entailed replacing bits, upgrading bits, adding bits, & ripping bits out that were no longer needed. The job is easy, the task simple, & the new copy of XPSP2 ran like a champ. Make sure it all works, box it up, drop it back off at the customer, set it up, make sure it works. Yup. Get thanked, get paid, go home...

Get a phone call the next night that the computer doesn't work. How? No clue, it just doesn't work & you need to get your ass out here to fix this piece of shit. Sigh. Fine. Off I go...

Get to the guy's place, take one look at the back of the machine to make sure all is as it's supposed to be, then realize something isn't right. Namely they'd plugged in the RJ11 plug into the RJ45 jack. Why did they unplug it in the first place? To move it to a nicer location where they could look out a window. Why didn't you notice that you had an "extra" cable that you hadn't plugged in? Because they thought they could pick the easier cable to wiggle into the hole.

Show them the right holes, plug in the cables to their proper jacks, and oh lookee, that "broken piece of shit" seems to be working just fine.

Did I get an apology? A thank you? Any thanks at all? Fuck no. I got yelled at when I charged the bastard for a call out to fix something that "was a simple fix". Yes it was, and had you bothered to engage your fucking BRAIN you smeghead, you would have saved me the trouble of driving 30 minutes each way just to plug in a fucking cable.

Funny how he grudgingly paid the bill but refused to call me back for any future repairs. No skin lost off my ass.

Customers: can't live without 'em, aren't allowed to set 'em on fire...

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