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I doubt the impeachment inquiry is going to touch on the Biden family in any way. Nor do I think it should.

I think it'll have to as it's central to the inquiry, ie that Trump used the call to find dirt on a political opponent. Then there's the allegations in the whistleblower transcript which make the same accusations, and that the content was political, not any national security matter.

I disagree with that given Biden's past role as VP, and current role as Democrat candidate. If Biden acted unlawfully and used his position to get his son the Burisma deal, the $1bn Chinese deal or the Iraq housing deal for his brother, then that has a strong whiff of corruption, or at least serious conflicts of interest. That is a legal & national security matter, even though it's also political given Biden's candidacy. I think that also justifies the classification of the call that the whistleblower objected to given the sensitivity, and also the way anti-Trump stuff has a habit of leaking from the White House. Then of course there are the allegations that Obama used Federal resources to investigate Trump, without being threatened with impeachment.

But the Burisma issue is all rather murky. So Mykola Zlochevsky founded the company and then issued oil & gas licences to his own company whilst being Ukraine's Ecology Minister. Various investigations into that have been started & stopped, but seems rather dubious.. But then that's always been a problem for Ukraine with it's oligarchs fighting (often literally) over control of those oil/gas revenues.

That I think is an issue Ukraine really needs to investigate and clean up, but obviously politically sensitive, especially given Biden's public statement about getting the previous prosecutor fired. But given the state of Ukraine's economy and EU/IMF pressures, it could be a good thing if corruption investigations succeed, and Burisma's holdings are re-nationalised. But that's potentially risky within the EU, as Greece discovered.

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