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Replacement phone considerations.

In the last 12 months I replace my and SWMBO's phones with new Nokias. SWMBOs phone was 5 years old and mine was 9 (old Samsung S2 that had a replaceable battery). 5G was NOT a considering factor in my phone choice but Mode C connectors were and so was MicroSD storage and at least ac Wi-Fi. If I could have gotten one with all that and a removable battery then that would have been my choice unless it was a Samsung like phone filled with bloatware. I do hate all that crap that is added to a device that I own that is near impossible to uninstall.

I really do not know why so many seem to think that 5G is going to be the panacea for all their communication issues. According to the 5G worshippers, it is going to negate the need to ever require FTTP (aka FTTH). WTF???

I was disappointed that SWMBOs phone died after 10 months and they no longer had the same model available but was not too perturbed coz 1, it wasn't my phone and 2, got a better one as a replacement.

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