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Hear, hear. Anything that's a service model is a risk -- whether it's a risk of data theft, sudden price hikes (ransom), or provider going under. Risks are something to be managed and mitigated, not embraced.

Since BEREC etc. seem to be onboard with the USA idea of forcing binary-only radio firmware, I don't trust any mobile phone as far as I can toss it. Especially not when there are articles here on El Reg espousing the latest holes found in that firmware, with bugging and tracking being the most common payloads.

I like the concept of a PDA with a radio that I can run Linux on and make sure the firmware isn't bugging me. I don't like the current mobile phone concept, which seems to be mostly a mobile voice bug with Internet spying built in, and won't buy one of these Stasi-approved devices as a result.

And these idiots wonder why the market is soft.

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