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Maybe people don't like being screwed?

The first smartphones were a huge improvement in my life. The smartphones coming out now are still an improvement, but they improve the lives of the manufacturer/its shareholders. They are either not an improvement for me at all or are an actual detriment (no 3.5 MM, no Micro SD, no removable battery, bad security, bad privacy). I fail to see why I should pay so that the manufacturer can improve their situation at my expense. I have a particular pot of cash I use for charities, the pot I use for buying phones is for commercial transactions only and I expect to get my money's worth. The same applies to PCs. Maybe the vendors can go back to improving my life rather than trying to improve theirs at my expense? Given the source, though, I see, as expected, that the advice is to double-down on the service model, that is, to screw the consumer even harder.

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