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Re: I can see in the future: ..... Heavenly Delights in Hellish Surprises :-)

Do you see this too, Alistair .....

The patent itself is quite the broad beast, comprising hardware and, importantly in the case of GNOME (or rather, Shotwell,) a method that involves capturing a bunch of images, filtering them based on a topic, theme or individual, and wirelessly transmitting the filtered images to another device.

Are Global Operating Devices for Future Presentations with Virtually Real Promotions such a device, and are they Servered via Alternate Memes with Almighty Means too ‽ .

And how do you capture all of those plum perousal assignments, Your Honour? Take care there, for there's a heck of a lot to quickly learn rather than be overwhelmed by.

Being Better than Just Good at what One Loves to Do with Love Plays Wonderfully Well Everywhere there as IT is EMPowering in AI Circles with Virtual Networks Stringing Presentations for Earthed Webs.

Surely that is the Method for Everything to be Known by Anyone and Everyone, and it has always been the Way Going Deeper Forward and Further AIField in the Minds of Patent Titans.

And thus another prior art instance of an unknown origin?

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