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Failure of globalization?

I think it might be a bit early to capitulate on this one. Globalization is not a 2 hour match, and the rabble rousing of a few drunken hooligans is far from a victory.

From a historical perspective, 90 years ago, Democracy was widely considered to be on the ropes. WWI represented a failure of egalitarian rule to avoid the violent excesses of the traditional monarchies; fascism was on the rise, and democracies were tumbling.

Fast forward 30 years, fascism is almost eliminated, and all of the best ideas of communism have been incorporated into liberal democracies. Even Richard Nixon, the nasty little side kicker in the McCarthy hearings declares "I am a Keynesian now". Nobody talks of returning to fascism, and the Monarchy are well entrenched as a sort of live punch and judy show for the amusement of those that were once their subjects.

Another 30 years sees the widespread collapse of communism and totalitarian governments everywhere. Not without its problems; but nothing worthwhile is. Globalization rises, as a movement to better co-ordinate efforts of people around the world is the best medicine for childish diseases like nationalism and war.

A final 30 years, and Globalization is in about the same place Democracy was 90 years ago. It has had many successes, but some of its failures have blindsided people. But anybody who thinks that the world is on the verge of retreating 60, 100, 1000 or 3000 years as various extremist groups from Northern England, Central USA, or the Middle East believe really needs a cold shower.

It is a laughable concept that a society that couldn't deal with the new reality it met in its day could have much to offer with the even newer reality of today.

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