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Now Uncle Sam would like a word with Brit teen TalkTalk hacker about a huge crypto-coin heist

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From your link, the following replaced the SAP scale for use in the UK

Category A - Images involving penetrative sexual activity and/or images involving sexual activity with an animal or sadism

Category B - Images involving non-penetrative sexual activity

Category C - Other indecent images not falling within categories A or B = SAP level 2 - sex between children or solo masturbation

So "indecent" can include him sleeping with [his] under 18 girlfriend or pics she sent him of her spending some happy time alone, no?

So, yes, I'm still up for lynching the New Puritans that make life-long criminals of children, that remain on the sex offenders register because their under 18 girlfriend sexts them.

On the other hand he could be a monster, but the shout of "paedo" is a slur that never goes away, regardless of the truth

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