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New CentOS Linux distro sips updates from RHEL codebase like an ever-flowing Stream


OK, what's wrong with Fedora that so many people are saying "it is unstable". I have been using it for very long time now, I did not encounter any crash that would divert me from that distro, so I wonder what the hell are you doing with it, that is so "unstable"?

Second thing, the reason why I use it, is by the time I would get the hw support on RHEL or CentOS, my laptop can be literally considered an obsolete, seriously... So having as you call "bleeding edge" gives me a chance to use my laptop with "almost" full support. Again, during my usage of that distro, I did not get any issues, so I would kindly ask anyone to give me a good example, so I can replicate and test it myself to believe that it is "unstable" as you guys/girls are claiming.


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