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"I do the same with some of our Windows servers. Whether it be good or bad, I have a pair of Windows 2003 servers that have been running for the last 12 years. They get rebooted at most twice a year..."

And you better not forget to reboot every 6 months. My memory is not entirely clear but Windows does have a rather short limit in how long it will run before it stops working and fudge-packs itself. Windows XP was 37 days (tells you something when it took 5 years before anyone noticed, does it not?). Later versions of Windows are just over a year I believe.

This was a "new feature" added to WIndows XP/2003 and later versions of the OS. Neither Windows NT nor Windows 2000 had a built-in fudge-packer that crippled the Operating System on a timed schedule.

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