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I think you will find that the subsidy he gave was a continuation of the Obama. 350 M in military aid in 2014, a further 75 in non-lethal military aid. a total of 1.3 billion dollars in aid in 2014 & 15. The 350 wasnt spent - it was frozen by Obama when congress got nervous about pissing of the russians.


"Aside from the debate over lethal aid, the U.S. has provided $1.3 billion for security, reform, and technical assistance since the beginning of the Revolution.6 Security support makes up $600 million of this aid, providing body armor, vehicles, night and thermal vision devices, medical equipment, heavy engineering equipment, radios, patrol boats, rations, tents, and counter-mortar radars."


Since 2014, USAID and the State Department provided $135 million in humanitarian aid, including food, medical supplies, shelter, and logistics assistance


Hunter Byden directly 'earned' as a non exec director of the Ukranian gas producer Burisma Holdings $1.3M dollars, and potentially comission for much more - estimated at around 240M dollars.

He was ciritized at the time by the obama administration for a conflict of interest (he had resigned Amtrack for that reason when dad first became Vice Pres) - but not censured publicly.

BTW, the 370 M frozen by the US was the unspent military aid which Obama had earlier frozen in the lethal weapons component of the 1.3B - which was done to avoid pissing of Russia at the time. The difference is teh interest and inflation adjustment.

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