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Re: something that is broken today might simply be fixed tomorrow.

Only if you insisted on running your enterprise on toy computers.

When I took my first look at a DEC Alpha after being spoiled by years working on 1100/2200 series Unisys machines I was appalled that the man pages listed known bugs in commonly used utilities - that were 20 years old by that point. Even ICL (bless their oft-darned cotton socks) could do better than that.

It was the push to internet-enabled updating that fueled the "ship any old crap and fix it in 1.1" attitude that is the standard operating procedure of all software companies, it seems.

It was dynamic linking that enabled and continues to enable the malware merchants who can change the fundamental way one's legacy software works overnight with no warning they have done so.

It is late binding that makes all this easier when using the hated Javascript, which can so easily become the slim-jim that cracks open the doors of your computer so the evil doers can have a good root around before crapping all over the seats.

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