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Actually, when stopped, I normally leg it and see whether the guard can match me for speed and endurance. And if they do catch me, then I enjoy the expression on their face when they realise I've not nicked nothing. But I couldn't do that because I was in my heels...

Seriously, imaginations are getting carried away. First, I was in my own world when it happened so I was half way through the process before I came to my senses. And all he did was ask me to step through the arch again and then check the number of items on the receipt matched the number of items in my carrier bag. He didn't look in any of my other bags (where he would have found an old DVD that probably triggered the false positive). I was miffed. But being banned would be an inconvenience. And, on reflection, what he did was proportionate and reasonable.

The arch had gone the next time I was in there, and hasn't been back since. I hope my false positive counted against it in some metric. And I got to learn the limit of their processes.

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