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Consumer campaign to keep receiving printed till receipts looks like a good move – on paper

The Basis of everything is...

Previous employer used Concur for expenses. We simply had to take a picture on a phone, add a few details and upload from a phone app or email it to an expenses mailbox from any registered email address.

Current employer has own system. We can only submit PDFs of receipts which means take a picture on phone. Transfer to my own PC as phones not allowed to connect to work laptop. Download to USB stick and then upload to work laptop. Create a word document, attach picture to word document and then print document to a pdf. Then open separate expense site which does not work with standard browser - and runs slower than a Pi proving Tesla's last theorem, fill in all details by hand including receipt ID number and then upload the PDF file and finally submit. Then wait a week for a rejection 'cos you haven't followed expense rules which are loosely based on the principles of Mornington Crescent...

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