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Sounds about right as I had a 2600 as a child. I just retired so don't have long to go. Good news though; The old 2600 still works and the only repair was replacing the big capacitor in the power supply brick.

This current Atari VCS 'company' is nothing more than the brand name owned by lawyers, FYI. Read the previous excellent evaluation by El Reg for the full details.

From June 2018

But most of all, we would like to apologize, sincerely, to all our readers and to anyone considering putting down money for the Atari VCS for completely omitting a critical part of the interview in our original article.

We made no mention of the fact that there is every reason to believe that Atari's entire enterprise is being funded by hype and that the only way the company can afford to create even its first console is by persuading people to hand over their cash before the company itself has a working prototype.

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