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The transaction was completed over there at the cash register. I exchanged money for goods. These goods, including the receipt, are my personal property. They are carried on my person. THE STORE SECURITY GUARD HAS NO RIGHT TO SEARCH MY PERSON OR PERSONAL PROPERTY. If there was a problem with the transaction, then it should have been addressed at the point of purchase.

If I am stopped by a security guard, it will be immediate 911 call from my cell phone. "I am being detained against my will, please send an officer immediately." I will not leave where I am standing and be taken to a back room. And if they touch me, it is assault. I will be polite. I will be courteous. But I will not stand for having my person searched by anyone other than a sworn law enforcement officer.

At that point the store manager had better get the lip balm out for kissing my backside. Same thing for the officer if they decide to search me. I am not a thief, so there would be no evidence to give the officer probable cause to search me. A smart officer would ask to see a video of the alleged crime, or at least have someone attest to seeing a crime. Absent that evidence, a smart officer would send me on my way without a search and proceed to rip the store a new one. Refusing to be searched by store security does not constitute a crime.

Stores that ask to see my receipt get a 'no' and I keep walking out the door. They also go on my list of stores to avoid in the future if possible.

(Well what about Costco, Sam's club, and those places? Those are membership clubs where members agree to be searched as part of the membership agreement. They have voluntarily given up their privacy rights while shopping at that club.)

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