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Consumer campaign to keep receiving printed till receipts looks like a good move – on paper


I have, and use, an email address of I use it for spam purposes and never really thought about it that much as I only ever CTRL+V it into websites I don't care that much about.


I got an offer from an italian wine company that I thought was probably a bit spammy but I wanted the cheap wine so I signed up with the above address, bought and received the wine and everything was good.


My phone rang with an odd looking international number. I answer it and am greeted with a nice sounding but very very italian lady asking in pretty broken english (vastly better than my italian mind) if I wanted more wine. Well it turns out i did so we proceed to transact until she wanted to confirm my details and started reading out my email address...

"so that coontz@mildili... mildly... cuuntz@mild"

I cut her off there and asked her to change that address to a proper one.

My only hope is that her english was limited enough that the worst of swear words wasn't one that she was familiar with and the concept contained in wasn't one that she grasped.

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