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FFS, it's a friggin *KEYBOARD* Unless they are trying to assemble it out of UnObTanium, wtf is the delay in making them?

Fer chrissake, let's stupify this for the masses. It's a whole bunch of friggin switches that one closes when you press a key, and are open when you do not. There is a grid of traces on a PC board, a bunch of rubber doogles that have alphanumeric characters on them, and a plastic 'template' that keeps them doogles relatively in place. You press the doogle, it closes the circuit, a chip sees that, and it can figure out what key was pressed, then squirts that data to wherever it needs to go (USB, IO port, wheredafuk, etc)

HOW FUGGIN HARD IS IT TO DESIGN A SIMPLE ASS KEYBOARD? Especially for a chunk of old ass hardware whose behavior is *very* well known? Are they idiots? Are they fools? Are they incompetent? (realizing I have very little idea what the measure of competence for this situation is....)

The *only* thing I can think of, is that they're trying to re-create the unreliable, mushy, squishy behavior of the original keyboard, and every test sample they've gotten back from manufacturers is simply too reliable and usable for their standards.


Meanwhile, it is Wednesday, which means the sammich shop near work has a two for one deal. Sounds like breakfast time to me, at 9:07 EST.

I love the reg. I get to vent my frustration caused by users by ranting like a crazy person at times. It helps me keep my sanity, and prevents bad karma when I have to go fix their stapler. Yes, a system admin gets called to fix a stapler. Granted, it's an electric power stapler, and I can only trust the user to staple their fingers together (not my problem, the stapler worked, didn't it?). But such is the life, innit?

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