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Wait until the MS employees discover where Windows is used, and what runs on it!

In all seriousness though this is "okay" more than the Ruby guy pulling a package yesterday or the day before.

The Ruby guy published something under an open source license, it exists out there even if he took down "the official source" or whatever, people can fork and carry on using that. So what he did wont really change anything. You can't go "oh I meant to license this as Apache but with a dick-prevention clause" (maybe you could release it as a license with a condition that only the chosen people can use it? "GPL-v2 to everyone except Steve" or something, as it's not pure GPLv2 and wouldn't count as GPLv2 software)

This however is different. it's the consumers or markets applying pressure to make one avenue unpalatable - which if we are to call a stupid force (saving misguided force as something that actually happens with markets) or pointless force, or bad force would make many other good corollaries stupid/pointless/bad

Is there something I've missed here? "" with Google a few months ago or is this just "social pressure" and day-to-day normal stuff?

Just to add: I'm not an American and all "free market" mad (you could poke so many holes in that) -but more as "isn't this just companies reacting to the situation?" - for better or worse.

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