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You think this is LOL funny? What kind of person are you? Seriously?

keep telling yourself Latin America is the cradle of democracy and great freedom.

You got me. My words exactly. Strawman much?

People like you know only the beaches of Latin America, where they sleep while exploiting the local poverty.

Not sure what you're smoking, quite sure I made a point of pointing out the huge wealth disparity and exploitation. It's probably more people who stick their head in the sand, such as some anonymous cowards.

Governments being overthrown by whom?

How about the CIA? This is all well documented and undisputed.

If you don't know that, then I am not the one the one who's been sleeping through the last 70 years.

It may be an unwelcome truth, but you could at least do the courtesy of acknowledging this has happened, instead of conflating the reactions of the local population to oppression, Castro, Chavez with CIA installed right-wing war criminals like Pinochet.

Are Castro and Chavez saints? No. Are they a reaction to exploitation, poverty and CIA) imposed dictatorship. Hell yes.

Sleep tight Anonymous coward. You've earned your meal ticket today.

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