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LOL, keep telling yourself Latin America is the cradle of democracy and great freedom. People like you know only the beaches of Latin America, where they sleep while exploiting the local poverty.

Governments being overthrown by whom? Military coups by Latin American generals, or "revolutions" by some Latin America communist leader (or both, look at Chavez) - all of them always leading to a plain, simple, ferocious dictatorship, or kleptocracies which let crime run wild.

To keep ensuring wealth is strictly held in a few hands of "friends", Pinochet, Peron, Chavez or Castro doesn't really matter - same ugly and mortal results.

Sure, and were the death squads from? Same Latin American people killing other Latin American people to obtain power and money. All they can understand. Life and democratic rights, who cares!

Sure, CIA and KGB (did you forget it?) often meddled with Latin America affairs, and both promoted their dictator to gain an advantage - but remember, all dictators were and are from the same country and willingly to exploit their people and make them and their crooks rich, and more than willingly to accept foreign meddling. Because they could care less about their people.

Go back to sleep, you've been sleeping for the past 70 years, it looks...

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