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"South America where the US govt has brought Freedom and Democracy(tm)"

Not that they are very good at creating freedom and democracy themselves. Every time they fall into some form of dictatorship and kleptocracy - right or left doesn't really matter.

And their are exploited first from their very own people and governments, before being exploited by foreign ones. But they regularly put in power someone who will screw them over and over. Sometimes with applause from "progressives", like Cuba. Applause from people who never looked at themselves in a mirror.

The problem is that freedom and democracy are extremely difficult to achieve and maintain, because both require to relinquish some easy way to obtain power and wealth exploiting others. Some cultures seems utterly unaware or unwillingly to understand that, they are inherently anti-democratic - and repeat the same mistakes over and over to the extreme consequences. Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, etc. complete disasters. Not surprisingly, Spain in Europe kept a dictator until is death in 1975. Portugal kept a dictatorship until 1974.

Unluckily, even US and many Western democracies - which with all their mistakes were still far better than those countries - look to be on the same path again - and a large influx of immigrants who cannot be easily integrated - and often don't want at all -, and will keep the same failed cultures that doomed their original countries, will only make the process faster.

Don't believe they will vote only for democratic progressive politicians, right-wing caudillos are common in South America just like left-wing dictators. Nice choice, eh?

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