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Trump-China trade war latest: Brave patriot Apple decides to do exact same thing, will still make Mac Pro in US

sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

Are you saying that all Mac Pros are manufactured at this factory, but because the number of Mac Pros sold is less than other models, because they're sold to a certain target market, and (possibly) because they're made in the USA they're more expensive then other Macs like the iMac?

The US factory doesn't churn a lot out. I don't have the numbers, HOWEVER, because the output is very low, the price is high. Very high.

Also, some people (in Apple) like to brag that this factory churns out "custom-made" Mac Pros, hence, the price tags.

The factory exist, not (just) because of this, but also gives Apple a "tax benefit": Factory sits inside US territory and has a monthly output >1. This means Apple is entitled for the tax minimization break.

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