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Dettol (or the US equivalent, Pine Sol) will turn plastic parts into chewing gum in about 6 hours according to my experiments on GW Termagants. It also doesn't fetch the paint particulalry well, and requires that you "air out" anything soaked in it for days top get rid of the "school bog" stench.

If you want to fetch paint off a plastic or partly plastic thing absolutely safely (with respect to the item to be stripped of paint) the cheapest Castrol brake fluid* will do the job nicely sans damage. In my experiments the paint pretty much fell off after a night and the plastic was still sound after two weeks immersion.

But everyone knows someone "on the internet" who swears blind the floor cleaner "works".

* - If you use the more expensive Castrol products the paint stays on because those fluids are formulated to not attack paint.

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